Indian Classical Musci

2013-06-09 18:30 - 21:30

Indian Classical Musci

When: 9 Jun 2013 Sun 18:30-21:30
Where: Rayfont Hotel

Indian Classical Musci


Indian Association and Shanghai Adda are pleased to bring to you a musical evening with renowned classical artists, Pandit Sarathi Chatterjee, Pandit Jyoti Goho, Shri Supratik Sengupta and Shri Sourabh Goho. Infusing dimensions of Indian classical and semi-classical music, that allude mostly to springtime transiting to summer, the renditions of our noted artists will not only give you a glimpse, but also a feel of Indian music, and a sense of the wonder that is India.


Pandit Sarathi Chatterjee
He is an All India Radio Television Artists, the rich class in India famous Hindustani classical vocalist. Won international awards, has been to England, Switzerland, Finland, France, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai and Doha area concert tour.


Pandit Jyoti Glho
He contacted the Indian Hindustani classical vocalist, with its flexible harmonium accompaniment known. Kolkata ITC School of Music as an in-service teachers, he has starred in the national event on the concert, and took his harmonium traveled half the world, including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands , the Middle East, Australia and China.


Shri Supratik Sengupta
He was an All India Radio Television Artists, had to follow the ITC Conservatory Orchestra in Paris, Germany and Switzerland successful tour. ITC has attended the National Music Conservatory meeting regularly to various European countries and neighboring Bangladesh show.


Shri Sourabh Goho
He is the 2010 winner of the Ministry of Culture National Scholarship, the tabla solo (Tabla solo) as "the late maestro Ali Khan Alba" tribute, radio studio in London. His playing adhering sand Luoda Qin Masters Alba Ali Khan (Ali Akabar Khan) and tambourine Masters Zucker Hussein (Zzkir Hussain) traditional exquisite artistic style.


6:30 PM to 9:30 PM: Musical Program
9:30 PM onwards: Indian Dinner


Passes: 150RMB
Tel: 13916026806
Add: No. 7, Zhao Jia Bang Road, Shanghai

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