Janet Laurence(珍妮·劳伦斯)

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Janet Laurence


劳伦斯的作品在世界范围内被广泛收藏,并在世界各地展出。重要的展览包括在舍尔曼当代艺术基金会展出的“伊甸园后”(After Eden 2012年),在墨尔本维多利亚国家美术馆展出的“与世界协商”(Negotiating This World  2012年),第17届悉尼双年展与在悉尼的当代艺术博物馆展出的“在平衡中:变动世界的艺术”(In The Balance; Art for a Changing World 2010年)。今年在伦敦当代艺术社区也会有名为“发酵”(Ferment)的个展。“熊猫”装置作为“伊甸园后”项目的子集,与ACAF的工作以及成都的合作息息相关。为了创作它,珍妮在成都熊猫基地花费数周,悄悄地为动物录像,不仅展示出环境的破坏,还有为了保护动物做出的努力。对于艺术装置来说,消极脚注打上是为了追求闪光的、虚幻的效应。“熊猫”是一部融合了艺术与生态关怀的作品,并与中澳先锋艺术交流前后呼应。

“我意识到,我们的生活仍然与自然环境紧密交织在一起。我想在个人作品中展示这一点,所以我做出了清晰的决定,做一部关于我们生活环境的作品。”——Janet Laurence


Janet Laurence

Janet Laurence

Janet Laurence was born in 1947 in Sydney. Having studied in Australia, Italy and the US, she is now based in Sydney - a full-time artist and Visiting Fellow at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. Her work examines the connections between life forms and ecologies, observing the impact that humans have on the natural world. Her practice often incorporates liminal, immersive and organic qualities, conjuring instances where imagination, memory, art and science can combine. Laurence's work has been widely collected and exhibited internationally. Important shows to date include After Eden at the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundations (2012), Negotiating This World (2012) at NGV, Melbourne, the 17th Biennale of Sydney (2010) and In The Balance; Art for a Changing World, MCA Sydney (2010). This year see the solo exhibition Ferment at Fine Art Society Contemporary, London. The installation Panda is part of the broader project After Eden - which is particular relevance for ACAF's work and collaboration in Chengdu. In order to create the piece, Janet spent some weeks at the Chengdu Panda Base, secretly filming the animals in a bid to represent not only environmental damage, but the efforts being made to preserve species. For the art installation, the footage will be printed in negative for an iridescent, unreal effect. Panda is thus a piece in which artistic and ecological concerns converge, and in tandem with pioneering artistic exchange between China and Australia.

"I realised we still have a life that is strongly entwined with our natural environment. I wanted to bring that out in my work, so I made a conscious decision to make work which was about relating to our environment."——Janet Laurence

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