The Miracle Worker - Chung Ying Theatre Company

2013-10-11 19:30 - 2013-10-20 16:30

The Miracle Worker - Chung Ying Theatre Company

When: 11-12 Oct, 18-19 Oct Fri-Sat 19:30, 12-13 Oct, 19-20 Oct Sat-Sun 14:30
Where: Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

The Miracle Worker Poster


How Helen Keller miraculously overcame her adversities and transformed herself has become one of the most inspirational stories. Behind her success is a teacher who offered unconditional support - Anne Sullivan. Adapted from her autobiography, The Miracle Worker tells the story of Helen, who was blind, deaf and mute since childhood, meeting her life-changing mentor at the age of 7, and how Anne unreservedly reaches out to lead her pupil on an enlightenment journey.

A timeless tale of human courage and dedication, and a testament that education is more than just teaching, it is an act to transform the human souls.


Playwright: William Gibson
Translator: Ko Tin Lung
Director: Chung King Fai, Ko Tin Lung
Main Cast: Chung Ying Theatre Company Artists


Student Performance
When: 16 Oct Wed, 18 Oct Fri 2013 14:30
Not for Public sales, please contact us for details


Tickets: $260/200/160/120
Tel: 852-24080128
Add: 12 Hing Ning Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

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