Les Misérables - Chung Ying Theatre Company

2013-05-25 19:30 - 2013-06-02 16:30

Les Misérables - Chung Ying Theatre Company

When: 25-26 May Sat-Sun, 29 May - 1 Jun 19:30, 26 May Sun, 1-2 Jun Sat-Sun 14:30 2013
Where: Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Les Misérables Poster


With the kind permission of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Les Misérables is presented by arrangement with Samuel French Limited.

Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, Les Misérables tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean, who is hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole, resulting in a enthralling tale of love and redemption and a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit.


Original: Victor Hugo
Adapter: Jonathan Holloway
Translator: Dominic Cheung
Director: Peter Jordan
Main Cast: Chung Ying Theatre Company Artists


Tickets: $260/200/160/120
Tel: 852-24080128
Add: 12 Hing Ning Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

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