The strange realities of the stage -The 4th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

2013-06-29 14:00 - 16:00

The strange realities of the stage -The 4th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

When: 29 Jun 2013 Sat 14:00
Where: Penghao Theatre

 Magnus Florin

Speaker: Magnus Florin


Speaker: Magnus Florin
Magnus Florin, Dramaturg at Dramaten, The Royal Dramatic Theatre.


The strange realities of the stage
In the traditional notion of theatre, the ideal audience should stand between two poles: fully believing the fiction, and not believing it at all, total immersion and total distance. But could also imagine that the expressive power of a theatrical performance could lie in a third position, namely that people see it as neither reality nor illusion, but simply a theatrical stage with painted sets in its own defined reality, a reality of the stage? What Magnus Florin wishs to talk about here is a strong emphasis of theatre as a reality of its own, with an illusory power that appears not by suppressing the expressive devices but, on the contrary, pointing them out. Over the centuries, people can find this undercurrent and tendency in theatre. The 20th century has many theatrical dreamers, for whom the stage floor and stage sets form the innermost creative source of existence. In the lecture Magnus Florin will elaborate on this idea on the basis of the works of Almqvist, Kantor, Strindberg, Montesquieu and Tati.


Theatre as a meeting place
For the audience, a theatre is a fantastic place to see all kinds of theatre productions. But a theatre can also be an important meeting place, an arena between society and the individual and personal. This important aspect of theatre is in the focus of The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden, through "Dramaten&", a special department for sideprogramming. It involves many activities in connection with the productions, such as introductions and audience talks. But there is a wide range of other activities, such as performances, spoken word, debates, cooperations with artists and galleries, concerts, films, etcetera. The venues and foyers of the theatre are used as scenes for these activities. Among the most interesting projects, one concerns a series of presentations of new international drama, through readings with contemporary playwrights from for example Poland, Germany, Italy and Romania. Now, Dramaten& and Penghao Theatre are planning an exchange script project together, involving the exchange of visits and presentations of contemporary playwrights, beginning in Autumn 2013. Magnus Florin gives a picture of the work of "Dramaten&", with special attention to the script and playwright project.


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*Information provided by Penghao Theatre.


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