The Artistic Orientation of On&On and the New Text Movement -The 4th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

2013-06-15 14:00 - 16:00

The Artistic Orientation of On&On and the New Text Movement -The 4th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival

When: 15 Jun 2013 Sat 14:00
Where: Penghao Theatre

Vee Leong

Vee Leong


In this lecture, On&On Art Director Chen Bingzhao and director of Who Killed the Elephant Vee Leong will share with us the artistic orientation of On&On and experience in how to push frontiers and establish one's own position. They will also discuss how the horizon of New Text motivates the development of Hong Kong local theatres.


Speaker: Chen Bingzhao / Vee Leong

Chen Bingzhao

Chen Bingzhao
Chen Bingzhao is a Hong Kong theatre playwright, director, critic and tutor of educational theatre and youth theatre. He established the experimental troupe On the Sand Brick and the Linliu Bird Workshop. Now, as the artistic director of On&On Theatre Workshop, Chen operates independently with the Cattle Depot Theatre in the Cattle Depot Art Village. Chen's individual works have always been closely connected to contemporary social conditions and theoretical aesthetic exploration. The social issues contained in his works range from Hong Kong history, culture, identity, trauma and treatment to the consumer's age. His important works include Family Troubles, Fly, Linliu Bird, Fly, Weichun's Happy Tour in Westberg, Fishing King, N.S.A.D. Nothing Abnormal Found, Heavenly Creations/Lifelike, hamlet b., Seventeen Impossible and Possible Theatre Scenes Happened in 2012.


Vee Leong
Vee Leong is an experienced writer and theatre practitioner. Based in the Cattle Depot Artist Village, Vee is the current convenor of the recently established New Writing Lab dedicated to contemporary European theatre text and new theatre writing. Her recent directing works include Sarah Kane's Crave (2006), Elfriede Jelinek's Death and the Maiden (2008), Caryl Churchill's Far Away (2010, nominated for Best Director in 3rd Hong Kong Theatre Libre Awards), Alexandra Wood's The Eleventh Capital (2011). Her recent playwrighting work The Lives of P (2012, commissioned by Huashan Living Arts and produced by Mobius Strip Theatre) has just been presented in Taipei.


The On&On Theatre Workshop of Hong Kong
The On&On Theatre Workshop of Hong Kong, founded in 1998, is a theatre organization which started out as an educational and experimental theatre. Over the past fifteen years, it has devoted itself to the exploration of artistic style, independence and uniqueness. In a market-oriented environment of theatres, it is a pioneer with consistently excellent works. Besides performance production, On&On Workshop also independently operates the Cattle Depot Theatre, holds presentations and drama festivals, and conducts workshops, lectures and other related activities. After years of effort, On&On has made the small theatre a recognized cultural space, and has found its own creation space amongst mainstream plays.

In recent years, On&On Workshop has released a series of New Text programs which received much attention. Among them are the New Text Movement which opened 2012 year and the introduction of the sharpest and the most popular Western plays such as Sarah Kane's Blasted, Caryl Churchill's Far Away and Martin Crimp's Attempts on Her Life. These New Texts are in response to the present age, and arouse new forms of theatrical expression. The works of the New Texts introduced to Hong Kong by On&On are fertile ground for new local creations.


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*Information provided by Penghao Theatre.


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