Qiu Hong @ The Hang Out

2013-05-16 20:30 - 23:00

Qiu Hong @ The Hang Out

When: 16 May 2013 Thu 20:30-23:00
Where: The Hang Out

Qiu Hong@The Hang Out Poster


Qiu Hong formed in May 2002, fate bring us together, the band name is inspired by a title of a book; "QIU" is "autumn" in Chinese, the season full of emotions and thoughts. "HONG", "red" in Chinese, represents the hot blood inside us, and also the color of the fire, warm and bright, just like the characters of our music attitude and them.

They hope all of you are ready for the voice from our heart, hope our melodies can touch you. They are shouting to keep our blood flowing, which can keep them alive. Nothing can change their eager devotion to music.The thing they love most, is MUSIC, the thing that they can't live without, is MUSIC. May the music of Qiu Hong be with you, now and forever.

Qiu Hong

Vocalist: Jan
Guitarist: Lun & KC
Bassist: Hippo
Drumer: Hin


Price: $150 (advance) / $180 (on the door)
Add: 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

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