The Addams Family - Macao Cultural Centre

2013-08-23 20:00 - 2013-08-24 17:00

The Addams Family - Macao Cultural Centre

When: 23-24 Aug Fri-Sat, 27-31 Aug, 3-5 Sep Tue-Thu; 25 Aug Sun, 5 Sep Sun 15:00
Where: Macao Cultural Centre - CentreGrand Auditorium

The Addams Family


Set at the Addams mansion, which is as iconic as the family itself, this hilarious story has been described as "every father's nightmare". It tells us about the time when Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, falls in love with a smart young man from a respectable, 'normal' family, and asks her father to keep it a secret from her mother. Things will take a sharp turn when the boyfriend's parents are invited for dinner.

Bizarre and devilish, this time the Addams family comes to life through the hands of a Tony Award-winning team. So be afraid, be very afraid… but also very amused with the adventures of the Addams clan, as funny as they can get.

The first chords and finger snapping will immediately bring back a sound score that has been in our collective memory since many decades. Originally created for a 1964 cartoon series and later brought to the screens, this play reunites us with the likes of Morticia, Fester and Gomez, characters who became even more familiar and popular worldwide when a film was released in the 1990s. Once we have entered the Addams' strange but beautiful world we will not want to leave until the chain of comedy situations persists. A chilling visit you will love to be a part of.


Price: 480/350/250/150 MOP
Tel: 853-28700699
Add: Avenida Xian Xing Hai s/n, Nape - Macao


*Information provided by the Macao Cultural Centre


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