Mao Yan's solo exhibition

2013-05-11 16:00 - 2013-06-22 18:00

Mao Yan's solo exhibition

When: May 11 - Jun 22, 2013
Where: Pace Beijing
Opening: May 11 2013 Sat 4:00-6:00pm

Mao Yan's solo exhibition


As a preliminary show of Art Basel Hong Kong, Pace Beijing is presenting the solo exhibition of China's most influential portrait  artist, Mao Yan. This exhibition is also the first exhibition of Mao Yan since his representation by Pace Beijing.

Mao Yan is well known by his portrait art. His artworks reveal the momentary glory of peace and attract audience into his artworks through the very straight expression without any metaphor. Mao Yan insists the spiritual dominance in his paintings and depicts the same object though years, in which he has controlled the arbitrary sorrows and the flow of emotions and showed the tension of strokes in a slow but calming way. Through the unique image he created and the motion he captured, Mao Yan expresses the light atmosphere that is attracted by a certain moment in memory and weakens the characteristics of a certain figure. Therefore he focuses solely on the language of art and shows the theme that is both magnificent and decadent. We could say that the art of Mao Yao has represented the whole face of an era that is remote but real.

Xiao Hua, 2012, Oil on canvas, 110×75cm

Xiao Hua, 2012, Oil on canvas, 110×75cm

In Mao Yan's portrait, the feature of time on a figure's appearance has been removed, and only the common spirit of human beings is still maintained. The grey tone shows his experience and observation over the long and dim modern history. Mao Yan chooses an individual as his standpoint and his personal opinion as the foundation, and he dims any relations with his personal symbol and gets rid of subjective emotional judgment to avoid any symbolic or metaphoric meanings. Mao Yan depicts the same figure over years. Such behavior is based on the opposite of his own spiritual power. Yet in his non‐sketching creation process, he not only removes the steadiness and flatness of photographs, but also revert the reality of the scene and the vividness of the material, which expresses his personal pursuit to the figure. Mao Yan keeps his pursuit to spirit and the vague memory, embeds his personal feelings into the tone of era, and by making use of his talent and feelings, he presents the dim light of human soul and shows a unique figure that is calm and peaceful.

Thomas, 2008-2009, Oil on canvas, 110×75cm

Thomas, 2008-2009, Oil on canvas, 110×75cm

Other than new works from the series of Thomas, which the artist has been continuing since late 1990s, the first‐time large scale painting of female body will be another focus of this solo exhibition. Faerie on the Chair and The Plump Nude show the rare female figure in portrait paintings. In these two paintings, Mao Yan depicts and compares the flirting slim model in the chair and the plump lady who curls up at the exact same place. In addition, Mao Yan will present artworks about animal heads which are unorthodox. For example, Fish Head for Goya is a tribute to the Spanish romantic master Goya, who has a huge influence on Mao Yan. We can look forward to seeing Mao Yan's technique on controlling the painting's atmosphere and the rare talent he possesses again in this solo exhibition at Pace Beijing.


Opening Hour: 10:00-18:00 (Tue-Sat)
Tel: 010-59789781
Add: 798 Art Zone, Jiuxianqiao Road 2, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Pace Beijing


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