Rhapsody.PM: Music Fest at Kerry Parkside

2013-05-10 17:30 - 2013-10-31 18:00

Rhapsody.PM: Music Fest at Kerry Parkside

When: May - Oct, 2013
Where: Kerry Parkside

Music Fest at Kerry Parkside


This May to October, Kerry Parkside will be bringing you the longest running music festival in Shanghai, for SIX months, from May to October, musicians from all over will take the audience on an amazing musical journey. Rhapsody.PM has no entrance fees and no long lines, it aims to bring together the Kerry Parkside family to experience live outdoor music, great BBQ food and fun activities. Connoisseurs of jazz music and newcomers to the music scene alike are bound to enjoy the performances put on by the local and foreign artists.

One weekend, every month, will be dedicated to young talent, these up and coming musicians will be the stars of the Rhapsody.PM Family Day performances. Kerry Parkside is the perfect place for the whole family with its international flair and community atmosphere. There will also be a plethora of activities, from games to raffles, to outdoor bazaars, and BBQs; it's an ideal place to spend the whole summer.

Kerry Parkside is working with JZ Shanghai, an organization that puts on the annual JZ Festival, to continue the spread and education of Jazz music in Shanghai. Rhapsody.PM is also supported by That's Shanghai, a well known and trusted entertainment guide, for everything an expat needs to know about Shanghai.


Below is performance schedule for the month of May. The performance schedule will be updated every month.


Tel: 021-50332777
Add: 1115 Fang Dian Road, Pudong District, Shanghai


*Information provided by Kerry Parkside

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