Joanna Sachryn(乔安娜·萨倩)

Joanna Sachryn(乔安娜·萨倩)

Joanna Sachryn(乔安娜·萨倩)

乔安娜·萨倩,大提琴演奏家,在其家乡波兰西北地区的斯德汀的音乐学校开始大提琴学习。随后乔安娜·萨倩在法兰克福师从Gerhard Mantel,并获得全额奖学金在伦敦师从William Pleeth。她亦进入到多个大提琴大师班学习,包括Harvey Shapiro, Martin Ostertag, Mstislav Rostropovich等。并曾和多位杰出音乐家如Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Murray Perahia, 以及Rudolf Barschai等共事。


Joanna Sachryn


Joanna Sachryn has gained a reputation as one of the most striking cellists of her generation through her play, which is influenced by passionate intensity, brilliant technique and a fascinating emotional range.

Her first cello lesson which she received at the “Musiklyzeum” in her hometown Stettin in Poland, was followed by studies in the class of Prof. Gerhard Mantel in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

A two-year scholarship with William Pleeth in London, cello literature studies with Mstislaw Rostropovich, as well as her collaboration with artists like Nicolaus Harnoncourt, Murry Perahia and Rudolf Barschai, for example, influenced her musical understanding.

At the age of only 17, Joanna Sachryn was appointed solo cellist at the Stettin Opera – followed by engagements in the most important European orchestras like the Munich Philharmonic, Philharmonia Orchestra London, WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.

As a popular chamber musician and committed interpret of contemporary music, she can already look back to a successful career.

She plays concerts on national and international stages with famous ensembles like the String Trio Orfeo, Hilliard Ensemble London, New Ton Ensemble Vienna, Musica Viva Basel, Bronsky Ritual Cologne and the Korean Chamber Ensemble.

As a sought-after teacher, Joanna Sachryn regularly holds cello- and chamber music masterclasses in Germany, South America and Korea.

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