Dora Video(一楽仪光)

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一楽仪光通常使用鼓和计算机进行表演。在2005年夏季原宿Laforet百货大型集市的演出中,他首次以"Dora Video"的名义亮相。之后,他在欧洲最大的媒体艺术节ARS Electronica中获得数字音乐类荣誉提名奖。此外,作为Yamaguchi乐队的鼓手,他活跃在世界各地的舞台上。

一楽创造出一套令人兴奋且有趣的组合,由鼓和计算机控制系统组成 。他通过将压力感应器分布在鼓机控制器上,形成一个影像控制系统,从而用鼓机来控制影像。作为鼓手,一楽仪光不仅创作出一流的作品,还不断发展作品中的黑色幽默和娱乐性。其乐队在法国和韩国的巡演广受赞誉,2013年更计划前往欧洲、英国和美国进行巡演。“Dora Video合集1”于2013年7月发行,试图挑战所有可想象的法律,如侵权、诽谤等,冲击“吉尼斯最无礼记录”


Dora Video


Dora Video is the brain child of Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (drums and computer), who appeared in the 2005 summer grand bazaar commercial for the department store Laforet Harajuku, won an honorary mention in the Digital Music division of Europe's largest media art festival, ARS Electronica, and has been active as the drummer in the band Yamaguchi, which has stirred up quite a storm of prizes and awards world wide.

He has created a very exciting and fun group which involves a drum and computer controlled system. He placed impact sensors all over the drum set, creating a huge video deck, and allowing him to using the drum set to control the video image.

As a drummer, he not only creates first class works, but also has a highly developed sense of nonsensical fun and entertainment. Ichiraku and Ito have already toured France and Korea to great acclaim, and this year plan to tour Europe, England, and America.

The DVD released in July of this year, 'DoraVideo Volume 1', managed to violate every imaginable law, committing copyright infringement, slander, indecent exposure, has been awarded a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for offensiveness, and went out of print just before release.

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