Footprints of Time Literary Figures and Their Sojourn in Hong Kong - The Life and Death of Xiao Hong

2013-05-24 20:00 - 2013-05-26 17:00

Footprints of Time Literary Figures and Their Sojourn in Hong Kong - The Life and Death of Xiao Hong

When: 24-25 May Fri-Sat 20:00, 26 May Sun 15:00 2013
Where: Multi-Media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

The Life and Death of Xiao Hong Poster


Some say that Xiao Hong was just an extremely lonely woman on a constant quest for a family she never had but yearned for, even at the price of laying down her pride. But from a more macro view, vis-à-vis the cultural history of China, she was an orphan of her time.

She suffered various kinds of personal strife, loves and losses, and rose to a calling that took her on sojourns throughout China's lands during the 1930's, and finally arriving in Hong Kong, where she fell fatally ill amidst the cannons and guns of the Japanese, meeting her helpless end. In this production, we will trace the life of this talented woman writer of modern China, explore what supported her till the end and how she died a helpless death but remained immortal, through a solo dance.


Concept / Direction / Text: Lo Wai luk
Concept / Choreography / Performance: Mui Cheuk yin
Concept / Piano: Nancy Loo
Concept / Visual / Harmonica: Mark Chan
Composer & Sound Designer: Kung Chi shing
Set & Costume Designer: Bacchus Lee
Lighting Designer: Allen Fung
Producer: Anna Cheng
Associate Producer: Joanna Lee


Tips: 24 May 2013 with post-performance meet-the-artists session


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