So So Modern

So So Modern "Transpacific Express Tour" Live in Hong Kong | 好戏网 So So Modern... 2013-05-26 20:30 - 23:00
So So Modern乐队Transpacific Express Tour巡回演出香港站 | 好戏网 So So Modern乐队Tran... 2013-05-26 20:30 - 23:00
中国乐谷·2013北京迷笛音乐节-演出时间表 | 好戏网 中国乐谷·2013北京迷笛音乐节-演... 2013-04-29 13:30 - 2013-05-01 22:30

So So Modern

So So Modern

So So Modern是新西兰的后朋克乐队,创始成员包括Grayson Gilmour、Daniel Nagels和华裔青年Mark Y Leong。他们在2004年因为对旋律、节奏和非同寻常的音乐走到了一起。他们的声音特点里混合了no-wave、krautrock、new-romantic以及朋克的影响。

2010年的专辑"Crude Futures"在国际领域里广受观众和评论界的一致好评。基于乐队的忠实粉丝群体,他们的声誉以高超的编曲能力,精良的演奏,颇有挑战性的现场表演以及疯狂的工作态度著称。2007-2010年之间,他们在17个国家进行了超过300场次的演出。

So So Modern

乐队另一个成功的出现在著名的"South by Southwest"音乐盛典上,他们得到BBC电台主持人Steve Lamacq和Zane Lowe的认可,并应邀在伦敦具有传奇色彩的Maida Vale录音棚进行录制。So So Modern已经开始为即将于2013年初发行的新的专辑以及从此起步的新声音而兴奋不已。而这一举措将伴随着广泛的大规模世界巡演得到延伸,音乐旅途将途经欧洲、日本、中国、东南亚和大洋洲。


So So Modern


So So Modern is a New Zealand post-punk band comprising of founding members Grayson Gilmour, Mark Y Leong and Daniel Nagels. They formed in Wellington in 2004 over a love of rhythm, melody and unconventional pop music. Their sound features a mix of no-wave, krautrock, new-romantic, and punk influence.

So So Modern

2010's polarizing album Crude Futures was popularly received by international audiences and critics alike. Having built on the band's loyal following, it cemented their reputation for thoughtful song-craft, skilled instrumentation, confronting live performances and a relentless work ethic. Between 2007-2010 they played over 300 shows across 17 countries.

Following successful appearances at South by Southwest, they received endorsements from the likes of BBC radio hosts Steve Lamacq (BBC6) and Zane Lowe (BBC1), and were invited to record at the legendary Maida Vale Studios in London. So So Modern are excited to release a new album of new sounds and new directions in early 2013. It will be accompanied by extensive touring in Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia, and Australasia.

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