HULA HONEYS China Tour Concert

2013-05-09 20:00 - 23:59

HULA HONEYS China Tour Concert

When: 9 May 2013 Thu 20:00
Where: Yugong Yishan



HULA HONEYS音乐厂牌中国巡演音乐会

Yugong Yishan is proud to present a Label Night with one of Switzerland's most promising upcoming Electronica Labels: Hula Honeys Records. Since 2007, the label has been exploring the boundaries of electronic music - balancing it's catalogue between bass heavy dancefloor tracks and finest listening material.

The night will showcase live sets by the label's artists Feldermelder, Bit-Tuner and FELL, alongside a special live set by NHK'Koyxen of one of Germany's leading experimental techno label, PAN. It is a night beyond genres and styles: it is a night to experience the variety and intensity of electronic music in the year 2013: from Dub and Hip Hop influenced grooves, to Dubstep dancefloor pressure and Electronica.

The night will open with a live showcase by FELL, a live band made up of Swiss feedback-drummer Simon Berz and sound artists Toktek from Holland, who recently won the renowned Prix Ars Electronica for his work. FELL battle it out in supercharged sessions: drums, bass and samplers are sent through self-made devices and effects. The result is a rocking show between improvisation, Electronica and Dub. FELL released their debut EP on Hula Honeys Records in December 2012, the debut album "Peiden" is scheduled to be released in autumn 2013.



The live acts Feldermelder, Bit-Tuner and NHK'Koyxen take the night towards dancefloor mayhem step by step: while Feldermelder is a master of live sampling, he twists his grooves and tracks on and on with a variety of sounds that is rarely found. No wonder, he is working on the mutual output platform "Ripl" together with his affiliate Dimlite. With his signature, Feldermelder regularly plays with beat masters like the Gaslamp Killer, Plaid or Mouse on Mars.

Bit-Tuner's signature sound is heavy - coming from the remains of beat music, Hip Hop and Dubstep, he has developed the heritage further to a bass heavy, acid driven monster. With his recent Signals EP, he opened his sounds to a brighter side, using elements like rave stabs and arpeggiator sounds, still building these upon a groundwork of heavy pressure bass lines. With his first live album "The China Syndrome", which was released in February 2013, BIT-TUNER focussed on the technique of sampling - in this case it was a stock of samples recorded during his 2012 China Tour. He is especially excited to bring these recordings back to their origins.



NHK'Koyxen is one of the most promising live acts on the electronic landscape. With releases on leading labels like Mille Plateaux, PAN, Raster Noton or Wordsound, he has overcome the gap between experimental sounds and pure dancefloor material. With his recent releases on PAN, "Dancefloor Classics Vol. I & II", he oscillates between up- and down-tempo tracks: He combines the loop-based structure of old Detroit techno tracks with permutating drum loops and warm synthesizer sounds.


Price: 80/Presale 50 RMB
Tel: 010-64042711
Add: Zhang Zizhong Road 3-2, Dongcheng district, Beijing


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