Ode to Plum Blossoms - The Artistry of Qian Zhaoxi

2013-05-19 20:00 - 22:00

Ode to Plum Blossoms - The Artistry of Qian Zhaoxi

When: 19 May 2013 Sun 20:00
Where: Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Ode to Plum Blossoms Poster


Qian Zhaoxi (1936-2005) was a highly influential composer in contemporary dizi music in China. His works distinguished themselves with the interesting blending of traditional culture and modern aesthetics. This concert is programmed along the line of a selection of Qian's most famous works for dizi, and performed by the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble led by Artistic Director Ho Man chuen.

The group has invited National Class One Dizi Performer, Zhan Yongming, who has premiered several of Qian's works, to be the soloist on this occasion. They will also be joined by some of the dizi virtuosi of Hong Kong. Together they will showcase the many facets of Chinese music in the 20th century.

Ho Man chuen

Ho Man chuen

Moon in the Water: Qian Zhaoxi
The Abacus Rondo: Qian Zhaoxi
Primitive Safari: Qian Zhaoxi
Chant of Brotherly Love: Qian Zhaoxi
Ode to Plum Blossoms: Ancient Melody, Arr. by Qian Zhaoxi
The Flying Partridges: Folk Song, Arr. by Zhao Songting, Arr. and Orch. by Qian Zhaoxi
Lovers' Sorrow: Guangdong Music, Arr. by Qian Zhaoxi
Selling Vegetables: Shanxi Folk Song, Arr. by Liu Guanyue, Arr. and Orch. by Qian Zhaoxi
The Impression of Iban: Qian Zhaoxi


Conductor: Ho Man chuen
Dizi / Gudi: Zhan Yongming
Dizi: Choo Boon chong
Dizi / Chi: Chan Chi yuk
Xun: Chan Chi chun
Abacus: Chak Yuet man
Docent in Cantonese: Chan Chiu yin

Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble
The Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble was founded in 2003 with promoting Chinese and Hong Kong local music culture as its mission. Apart from researching and studying traditional Chinese folk music, it also dedicates itself towards exploring modern Chinese ensemble music, and exhibiting the unique charms and styles of Chinese ensemble music, described as "small but elegant, and simple but refined". The members have received professional music training and possess extensive experience in concert performance in Hong Kong and overseas. At present, majority of the members are working in the fields of music performance, education and research. In addition to its local engagements, the Ensemble has represented Hong Kong in exchange performances in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hunnan, Zhejiang and Shanghai, bringing the local culture of Chinese music to audiences in neighbouring and overseas cities.


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