Manceau - 2013 Croisements Festival

2013-05-01 (All day) - 2013-05-03 (All day)

Manceau - 2013 Croisements Festival

When: 1 May 2013 Wed
Where: Haidian Park

When: 3 May 2013 Fri
Where: Century Park


The four members of the pop band Manceau took their name from an area in Brittany called Champs Manceaux de Rennes. Manceau offers folk music, delicate trombone and flute tones, keyboards in lyrical flight and a furious rhythm.

The four musicians have already performed in Japan and now return to Asia for a series of concerts in China. The Chinese can discover and enjoy the specific sound of this very popular French band during the Midi Festival in Shanghai and Beijing.


Manceau was formed in 2009 and initially consisted of  Julien Vignon (vocals, acoustic-electric guitar, ukulele, keyboards),  the songwriter-composer who started the band and Vincent Roux (keyboards, vocals, flutes and bass) as well as François Lemercier (drums, percussions,) and Samuel Chapelain (vocals, guitar and tuning, bass, trombone). The four musicians are immensely creative and truly musically gifted; during their concerts, they regularly exchange instruments. More than just musical mastery, their swapping game brings instrumental richness to their songs resulting in finely mastered pieces. The perfect timing of the trombone sound, a chorus for two or three voices; all fuse to create a magical universe. Emotionally-charged melodies that make you happy, cheerful and melancholic all at the same time.

Between 2010 and 2012, Julien Vignon and his band released several albums with enchanting melodies and up-beat rhythms.


Beijing: Haidian Park
Tel: 010-62590008/010-62850559
Add: Wanquan River overpass, Northwest Fourth Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Shanghai: Century Park
Tel: 021-84463152
Add: Jinxiu 1001, Pudong, Shanghai


*Information provided by 2013 Croisements Festival


Manceau - Festival Croisements 2013
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