« The mirror » - 2013 Croisements Festival

2013-05-15 19:30 - 21:00

« The mirror » - 2013 Croisements Festival

When: May 15, 2013, Wed, 19:30-21:00
Where: Star Theater

« The mirror »

Motivated by the desire to connect cultures, genres, people, and times, the company Théâtre des Asphodèles continues to further this theatrical process: the meeting of the artistic and the human between commedia dell'arte and Chinese opera, French slam and Shanxi chants, video and calligraphy.

We're in 1638 France. A young countess representing the French nobility awaits a visit by a Chinese princess, she wants to meet and represent her country and strengthen the ties of friendship and trust between the two countries, that have been broken in the past by their fathers' mistakes.

« The mirror »

Four actor-acrobat-singers, two Chinese and two French, bring us into an original story of successive scences that reflect the differences that bring us closer. A mirror that is able to speak (a video screen), plunges us to the heart of the plot then returns a reflection of each of our insides. Through interactive imagery and slam, it inverts the order of time and will disrupt Italian and Chinese tradition to bring out the best in modernity. Will Arlequin see the Monkey King dormant in him?


Tel: 010-66035486
Add: Xuanwumen Nei Dajie, 64 Chao Shou Hutong, Beijing


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« Le miroir » - Festival Croisements 2013
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