MODERN MUSIC "The Agency" - 2013 Croisements Festival

2013-04-29 (All day) - 2013-05-10 (All day)

MODERN MUSIC "The Agency" - 2013 Croisements Festival

When: April 29 - May 10, 2013
Where: Shunyi Aquatic Park, Poly 198 Tulip Park, World Expo Park, Temple Bar, Yuebu Shangshu Bar, Club 9, Arkham bar, Brown sugar jar, Vox

The Agency

There are two categories of pop musicians: those who compose and those who decompose. When listening to the songs of this new French band "The Agency", we hear straight away that they belong to the second fascinating category. Their latest album, "Somnographe", is an impressive collection of songs performed by a singer with a clear voice, accompanied by a mix of traditional and innovative music. The Agency is rapidly becoming one of the most appreciated French pop groups.

The four members of The Agency formed the band in 2007 in Evry, a Parisian suburb and became rapidly well-known on the French music scene. In the last few years, the French pop scene was too regulated, sometimes even out of breath. The Agency acknowledged this and decided to mix '70s music with its own avant-garde style in order to revolutionize the pop universe. In 2008, the band brought out its first demo album which was very well received by the press and the public. Their mixture seemed to catch on; an up-beat rhythm, scrolled piano tunes and romantic guitar chords. In 2011 their first album saw the light of day. The clear voice of François Blet, accompanied by light and complex guitar and synthesizer music took the listener to a futuristic universe.

The album "Somnographe" that The Agency will present in seven of China's largest cities in May 2013, contains some exceptional songs. The daring melody of the two first songs, "Somnographe" and "Midnight Garden" take us on a steep climb, rising higher and higher. The public is immersed in the group's universe and has only one desire: to explore this universe further and further. "Secret to be told", "Bumpers", "A Name" with their airy vocal harmonies, "Sorry Bob” with the regrets expressed to an imaginary friend, take us from a bitter-sweet state to euphoria. A very special album.


City When Where Tel Add
Beijing 29 avril Shunyi Aquatic Park 400-610-3721 Shunyi Aquatic Park, Shunyi District, Beijing (Beijing Midi Festiva)
10 Mai Temple Bar 13161070713 B202, 206 Guloudong Dajie, Beijing
Chengdu 30 Avril Poly 198 Tulip Park 400-610-3721 Poly 198 Tulip Park, Chengdu (Zebra Festival)
Changzhou 2 Mai Yuebu Shangshu Bar 15061969305 Zone 2 70-71, Wanda Plaza North King Street,
Tong Jiang Zhong Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou
Hangzhou 4 Mai Club 9 0571-81060808 Wan Tong Road No. 262, West Lake District
(near Silver Le Di), Hangzhou
Shanghai 3 Mai Arkham bar 13701972878 Urumqi South Road, near Hengshan Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai
5 Mai World Expo Park 400-610-3721 World Expo Park, Shanghai (Midi Festival)
Shaoxing 6 Mai Brown sugar jar 0575-85399998 a Block H 1, Hubin Xintiandi, Shimao, Shaoxing
Wuhan 8 Mai Vox 027-87596030 118, Lumo lu, Wuchang


*Information provided by 2013 Croisements Festival


The Agency-2013中法文化之春
MUSIQUES ACTUELLES « The Agency » - Festival Croisements 2013
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