MODERN MUSIC "PONY PONY RUN RUN" - 2013 Croisements Festival

2013-04-30 (All day) - 2013-05-01 (All day)

MODERN MUSIC "PONY PONY RUN RUN" - 2013 Croisements Festival

When: April 30, 2013, Tue
Where: Tongzhou Canal Park

When: May 1, 2013, Wed
Where: Shanghai Expo Park


Famous French power pop band, "Pony Pony Run Run" has staked its place on the new French music scene. The band consists of three young musicians from Nantes and won the Music's Victories award in the "Revelation" category only five years after forming. The trio rose to fame with their single "Hey you", and already have a studio-recorded album to their name as well a long list of concerts played all over Europe. This year, "Pony Pony Run Run" will come to Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai to convince the public to get up and dance to the music that has charmed the whole of Europe already.

The brothers Gaëtan et Amaël, and their friend  Antonin, form the band "Pony Pony Run Run" in 2005. These three young musicians from Angers all studied at the Art Academy in Nantes and that is where they met up. With Amaël on the bass, Antonin on the keyboards and Gaëtan on the guitar and vocals, the band "Pony Pony Run Run" offer us their own brand of off-the-wall pop music. They list many influences such as Enya, Nirvana or Michael Jackson and the Beach Boys. They launched their mix of rock, electronic and dance music in small local venues around Nantes where they gained a loyal following. Very rapidly they built a solid fan base and "Pony Pony Run Run" spread across France.

With only three songs on their repertoire they were soon approached by other well-known French bands such as: Who Made Who, The Paper Chase and Art Brut. Not long after, "Pony Pony Run Run" was on a mission to conquer Europe and performed in Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

In 2009, having gained solid experience on stage, the band recorded its first album: "You need Pony Pony Run Run", recorded and produced in collaboration with Fred Lo from the label 3ème Bureau. In the meantime, the banded released a single called "Hey you", which was a huge success with the press and fans alike. Bouyed on the wave of appreciation from music critics, the trio from Nantes became a definitive feature of the French music scene. They won the Music Victories award in the Revelation category in 2010, which opened the way for "Pony Pony Run Run" to play huge crowds at the large French music venues such as the Zénith in Paris.


Tongzhou Canal Park (Strawberry festival)
Tel: 4006-228-228
Add: 70, Tonghu Road, Tongzhou Canal Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Shanghai Expo Park
Tel: 400-610-3721
Add: Pudong New Area, Mengzi Road 823 Pro, Shanghai


*Information provided by 2013 Croisements Festival


Pony Pony Run Run-2013中法文化之春
MUSIQUES ACTUELLES « PONY PONY RUN RUN » - Festival Croisements 2013
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