Uneasy Trip in Asia - Star Gallery

2013-03-23 15:00 - 2013-05-06 18:00

Uneasy Trip in Asia - Star Gallery

When: 23 Mar - 10 Apr 2013
Where: Star Gallery
Opening Reception: 23 Mar 2013 Sat 15:00

When: 13 Apr - 6 May 2013
Where: Star Gallery
Opening Reception: 13 Apr 2013 Sat 15:00

Uneasy Trip in Asia poster


"Uneasy Trip in Asia", was a show of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games held on the eve of the name of Iida Yuuko, as a live in Beijing nearly ten years of Japanese, she has lived in Hongkong, Seoul, Taipei and many other Asian city, she has the surreal works, describes some seemingly the most common the scenery, but she has put together named "Uneasy Trip". Back then, than the so-called Olympic pageantry, Iida "restless" look is so not worth mentioning.

The twinkling of an eye, an exhibition of Iida rapidly over the past 5 years, the Olympic games behind also has already become history, gradually being forgotten. In recent years, in the trip, in micro-blog, on various occasions, speech, imperceptibly, "Uneasy Trip in Asia" the once weak voice is more strong.


Curator: Fang Fang
Artists in Stage 1: Chen Ke, Jin Nü, LuLu Li, Ouyang Chun, Wang Yifan, Wen Chuan, Wen Ling, Xu Maomao
Artists in Stage 2: Chen Jiaojiao+Peng Yangjun, Iida Yuko, Gao Yu, Li Hui, Qiu Jiongjiong, Song Kun, Wei Jia, Yang Yang, Zhang Xinjun, Chu chunteng


Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00(Tue-Sun)
Tel: 010-59789224
Add: East Street, 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by Star Gallery


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