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Buck 65

Buck 65

来自加拿大的另类先锋Hip-hop艺术家。他或许不像是那些bling bling的主流Hip-hop艺人那样广为人知,他却是地下Hip-hop的说唱明星。Buck 65多样化的音乐也让他彻底区分于那些嘻嘻哈哈的Hip-hop艺人,极为出色的歌词使得Buck 65更像一个诗人,游走于各种音乐元素之间的说唱诗人。

出生于加拿大的小镇Mt.Uniacke,1990年Buck 65 开始在他的卧室里自学所有的音乐和说唱技巧,尽管当时在他居住的小镇里并没有人对Hip-hop音乐感兴趣。随后,录制了首支单曲“The Rhyme Has To Be Good”,他完成了所有的音乐和说唱部分。迅速的,Buck 65的音乐开始在电台上播放,他开始参加各种各样的演出,接触了更多其他的说唱人和DJ。几年后,Buck 65把注意力转到了录音上,整个90年代他录制了众多的作品,在97年后通过网络的帮助积累了大量来自不同国家的听众,并吸引了众多音乐厂牌的注意。

2000年,音乐完全成为了Buck 65的职业生涯,经过12年的独立经营,他签约了华纳音乐并移居法国。自此,Buck 65开始同众多音乐人合作,从大牌到无名的音乐人。作为一个颇具争议的Hip-hop艺术家,很多人说他的音乐并不是真正的Hip-hop,但对于Buck 65来说,Hip-hop存在于任何地方,可以是在那些早期的布鲁斯歌曲里,可以是在Iggy Pop的“New Values”专辑里,可以是在PJ Harvey的“Is This Desire?”专辑里,也可以是在William S.Burroughs的实验录音里,Hip-hop是一条咒语。

这就是Buck 65。在二十多年的时间里,许多与他同时期的艺人早已消失,而Buck 65却依然活跃在他的领域,支持他的人会永久的支持他。对于任何一个喜欢好的音乐的人,Buck 65永远都是一个你不能错过的名字。


Buck 65


Born in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Richard Terfry (aka Buck 65, Stinkin' Rich) spent the majority of his adolescence as a self-described b-boy. He eventually moved to Halifax in 1989, where he founded a seminal hip-hop show on local college radio. The program (dubbed "The Bassment") helped Terfry cement his status as Halifax's premier hip-hop head; inch by inch, artist collaborations, production duties, and club residencies soon followed. During this time, Terfry dabbled with mic duty, often to acclaimed results. While 1992's Chin Music helped him win a deal with local label Murderecords, 1996's Psoriasis (recorded with friend Sixtoo under the moniker Sebutones) garnered underground plaudits and 1997's 12" trilogy The Wild Life raised eyebrows overseas.

Later in 1997, Buck 65's first well-circulated full-length followed; Language Arts was hailed by everyone who heard it as a hip-hop triumph. Fusing Terfry's hard-luck grumble with a decidedly lo-fi (but immaculately produced) instrumentation, it trumpeted his (and Halifax's) entry into the hip-hop circuit. In spite of — or perhaps, as a result of — his tendency to veer towards more opaque territories (Terfry's albums rarely come with any tangible track listing), the big guns soon came calling. Revered turntablist Mr. Dibbs was so enamored with Terfry's records that he inducted Buck 65 into seminal underground collective 1200 Hobos. Fraternizing with the likes of heroes such as Biz Markie, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Cut Chemist, Terfry's follow-up was even more inspired. 1999's Vertex was hailed by critics as a progressive, brilliantly conceived concept album, a regulated mix of measured neuroses and marble-mouthed charm. The follow-up, 2001's Man Overboard, released on the respected underground Anticon, followed on that note, pitting Terfry's numerous personalities against each other, often to brilliant effect. WEA Canada picked up the record and released its follow-up, Talkin' Honky Blues, an excellent collection of introspective stories. An international contract materialized with V2, which released the career-spanning compilation This Here Is Buck 65.


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