Ocean Art Walk 2013 - Stanley Promenade

2013-04-09 19:00 - 2013-04-24 23:00

Ocean Art Walk 2013 - Stanley Promenade

When: 9-24 Apr 2013 19:00-23:00
Where: Stanley Promenade

Ocean Art Walk 2013 Poster

Ocean Art Walk艺术展-赤柱海滨长廊

The Ocean Appreciation Art Walk in Hong Kong is one of the features working in partnership with the HK-SF International Ocean Film Festival. It is an exhibition that brings together international and local artisits and allows them to create installations that express their personal reflections and feelings on ocean appreciation issues.

The exhibitions will be scattered along Stanley Promenade, allowing visitors and passers by to take in each art work as they casually walk through the area. The installations will be large, inspiring and unique and cover a range of ocean related topics such as over fishing and pollution. Art workshops will also be available allowing the community to get actively involved with the exhibition and expand their sense of awareness on the topic.

Work in the exhibitions

Work in the exhibitions

Local artists include Kacey Wong, Kiwi Liu and Wendy Lau, with international features from Richard and Judith Selby Lang. Not to mention a menagerie of others!

The wide variety of installations, reach of artists and mixture of cultures allow the exhibition to be relevant to all age groups and walks of life. In due course the message of the Ocean Recovery Alliance, the HK-SF International Film Festival and the Ocean Art Walk will be spread and communicated widely. This message portrays respect for our oceans and our dependency upon what it yields, along with a responsibilty to take care of our oceans at a time where pressing issues like waste disposal threaten the ocean's health.


Tel: 852-25550103
Add: Stanley Main Street, Hong Kong

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