Peak - German Film Forum 2013: Documentary Life as it is

2013-04-26 20:00 - 21:30

Peak - German Film Forum 2013: Documentary Life as it is

When: 26 Apr 2013 Fri 20:00
Where: Hong Kong Film Archive, Cinema

Peak Still

Copyright: GIHK


The Alps are an ancient region of natural beauty that is changing as a result of climate change. Snow is no longer guaranteed. PEAK shows how the tourist industry is dealing with the problem. Millions are invested into massive technology to produce the perfect landscape independent from nature. High-altitude water reservoirs replace melting glaciers, excavators rip up the earth, a computer operated switch room lies deep in the mountain, pipes and cables are laid in the ground, snow machines continuously spray artificial snow onto slopes. A never-ending story taking place in the Alps, but with parallels worldwide.

Awards: DOK Leipzig 2011 - Goethe-Institut's Documentary Film Prize


Dir: Hannes Lang
2011 / 90 mins / cat. I / mit englischen UT


Ticketing Enquiries: 852-27349009
Internet Booking:
Programme Enquiries: 852-28020088


Tickets: $50 Half-price tickets are available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients
Tel: 852-27392139
Add: 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Goethe-Institut Hongkong


German Film Forum 2013: Documentary Life as it is
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