A Bowlful of Kindness (Rerun) - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2013-14 Season

2013-10-12 19:45 - 2013-10-26 21:45

A Bowlful of Kindness (Rerun) - Hong Kong Repertory Theatre 2013-14 Season

When: 12 / 15-17 / 19 / 22-24 / 26 Oct 2013 19:45, 13 / 19-20 Oct 2013 14:45
Where: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

A Bowlful of Kindness  - poster

Premiered last year as part of the Hong Kong Repertory's anniversary celebrations, A Bowlful of Kindness struck an emotional chord in the city with its heart-warming portrayal of compassion and goodwill of the 60s, through the moving stories about neighbourhood communities and the spirit of ordinary people striving to improve their situations.

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A Bowlful of Kindness A Bowlful of Kindness

In a time where the goal of all hard work was a humble wish to make ends meet, this play tells the poignant story of Hong Kong people's collective struggle in a time of fascinating social changes. Using ordinary everyday objects such as radios and rice cookers, Artistic Director Anthony Chan delicately distils the kindness and goodwill we all dearly miss. As the steam rises from the kitchen of Fragrant Bistro, a bowl of fragrant rice takes the audience on a nostalgic stroll down the memory lane.

A Bowlful of Kindness A Bowlful of Kindness

Cast & Production Team
Playwright / Director: Anthony Chan
Leading Cast: Yau Ting Fai / Wang Wei / Chow Chi Fai / Wong Wai Chi / Pang Hang Ying / Ko Hon Man

陈敢权/Anthony Chan 邱廷辉/Yau Ting Fai
Anthony Chan is among the few distinguished theatre professionals with expertise in not only playwriting and directing but also set design, theatre education and stage management. His scripts (including translations and adaptations) number more than 90; he has directed 64 productions and designed sets for 13 shows. A former Head of Directing and Playwriting at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts who served for 19 years at the institution, he has dedicated himself to nurturing a new generation of playwrights and directors. He also devised the curriculum for the M.F.A. degree in Drama (Directing) before his departure from the HKAPA. Yau Ting Fai is a young actor who also excels as a playwright and director in recent years. Since joining the HKREP in 2001, he has devoted his energies in main stage, Black Box, outreach and educational productions and has won much critical acclaim.
王维/Wang Wei 周志辉/Chow Chi Fai
A National Second Class actor, Wang Wei has been cast numerous times as the leading man since joining the HKREP in 1998. Whether as the "pretty boy" in Haunted Haunted Little Star, Captain Hook in Peter Pan, the weather reporter in Moon Over Buffalo, the corrupt officer in Boundless Movement, Garry Lejeune in Noises Off, Wang is a master in creating diverse character roles. His performances in the musicals Sweet & Sour Hong Kong and Field of Dreams are also testaments to his singing and dancing talent. Chow Chi Fai is a graduate of the Chinese Department, Hong Kong Baptist University. He joined HKREP as part-time actor in 1979 and becoming a full-time company member two years later. He is among the most veteran actor of the HKREP, and one of the Hong Kong's best-known stage artists.


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饭香再现 唤起昔日香港情怀-《有饭自然香》A Bowlful of Kindness

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