Ripples - MEME

2013-04-09 11:00 - 2013-04-21 21:00

Ripples - MEME

When: 9-21 Apr 2013
Where: MEME


同流膜-身噪体Mixing Membrane - Hybrid of body and sound

"Ripples" are an expression of the water's turbulence. Including film image from three previous earth art works, "River", "Drift" and "River Talk", everything in this exhibition "Perception of Taipei - Information Waterfall" is related to water and responds directly to nature.

"Perception of Taipei - Information Waterfall" highlights the paper consumption on which our survival depends; "River" sculpts the balance and emotions of humanity and nature's coexistence; "Drift" reflects on nature's counterattack; "River Talk" builds a channel for dialogue between man and the divine. These four works show the Ripples generated by man's turmoil in its current environment.


Kuei-chih Lee(Chris)
Vocation:Artist / Art teacher 2003 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts (Group of Mixed Media), National Taiwan University of Arts


Solo Exhibition
2012/12 "Art Resident Tranform", 72ART
2012/10 "Time", 72ART
2012/5 "Search belong", 72ART
2011/12 "An eye for listening", Nanhai Gallery
2011/11 "Leaves talking", Treellage Life Cafe
2011/10 "Perception of Taipei-Information waterfall", BF Gallery
2011/5 "The Voice Within", Taipei Cultural Center
2010/1 "CIRCLE", Nanhai Gallery


Group Exhibition
2013/2 "The sensory awakening good snake welcome the earth", Painting, Mixing Membrane / Art and Lifestyle Assosiation Of Taiwan / uashan1914 - Creative Park
2013/1 "NEXT PLAY - The Shifting Ground", "Square metre Imagination", Land art, rainbow Yu Cultural Co., Ltd., URS27
2012/12 "Dragon in the clouds and Tiger in the wind scene back", "Black event", Painting, Yunlin County Art Association, Taiwan Provincial Museum
2012/10 "Case by Case" - 18 Artistic Suitcases, "The temperature of the travel", Installation, SLY art space, MOCA Studio
2012/6 "Art Creator Trade Union, Taipei, Taiwan-2012(1)-Action.2", "DRIFT", Photography / Video, Art Creator Trade Union, Taipei, Taiwan, Art Door Gallery
2012/3 "Art home plan", "Earth Corridor", Land art, Shoreline Arts Network, Tamsui Culture Park


Opening Hours: 11:00-18:00(Tue-Fri) / 11:00-21:00(Sat-Sun)
Tel: 886-2-23965505
Add: 12F., No.9, Sec. 2, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City


*Information provided by Mixing Membrane

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