AFA at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013


AFA at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013

AFA at "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013"

全艺社参展Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013

AFA (Art for All Society) will organize several Macao artists to participate in the Hong Kong "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013" from 15th to 17th March, 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 3G.

Affordable Art Fair (AAF) was founded in 1999 by Will Ramsay to offer people the opportunity to purchase contemporary artworks and the art lovers are not requested to be a millionaire with a Doctorate in Fine Art, since the price of artworks is not above 3,000 Euros. Launched in London 14 years ago, at present AAF is being held in cities all over the world, including Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Brussels, London, Bristol, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore.

This is the first international art fair AFA takes part in 2013. It is also the second time AFA participates in this international art feast in Hong Kong. 29 pieces of artworks from Macao young artists including Jose Dores, Eric Fok, Fortes Pakeong Sequeira, Crystal Chan, Nick Tai, Lei Hio Meng, João O, Hong Wai, James Chu, Sylviye Lei, Lai Sio Kit, Allen Wong and Mina Ao will be showcased at AAF Hong Kong. The media of the artworks includes oil painting, photography, print painting and mixed media. AFA aims to introduce the current art scene of Macao to Hong Kong through exhibiting the latest artworks by Macau contemporary artists. Through participating in different international art fairs, AFA hopes to generate more development opportunity for Macau artists.

AFA is a non-profit art organization dedicated to co-operating with local enterprises and exploiting Macau's cultural and creative industries. Besides participating in the international art fair, both AFA Macau and AFA Beijing are now holding exhibitions for Macau artists. "Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2013" is partly sponsored by the Secretariat of Social Affairs and Culture, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government and Macau Foundation. The private preview of this art fair will be held at 5:30p.m. on 14th of March. The art fair will be open to the public from 15th of March to 17th of March. AFA's booth is at D05.



中国花瓶 某日下午 Idole, Icon II
中国花瓶 / Nick Tai / 40x30cm / 2011 某日下午 / Jose Dores / 40x30cm / 2012 Idole, Icon II / Hong Wai / 100×50cm / 2012


并6 / Lai Sio Kit / 23x94cm / 2010

Niva River 04

Niva River 04 / João O / 80x53cm / 2012

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