Silence - Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition

2013-03-09 15:00 - 2013-04-08 19:00

Silence - Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition

When: 9 Mar 2013 - 8 Apr 2013
Where: Inna Contemporary Art Space
Opening Reception: 9 Mar 2013 Sat 15:00

Silence - Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition


Preface / Text: Inna
I still remember the feeling when I entered the studio of Wenxin for the first time. All those completed artworks and the creating process on the canvas filling the chamber made me fall into the scenes instantly. I have to say, I was attracted and charmed by her.



The scene at the spot let me see the belief inside the creator herself, it is a kind of determining insistence, a kind of one-man world, fulfilling, which is casting and shining some strong power within.

When I staring at each of her artwork, I feel that the paintings are familiar daily scenes yet they still represent some buzzards and absurdities inside of her. As for me, the compositions send out some atmosphere of never-bygone loneliness. A closed, sealed and archived space amid the noises and swirls, a sole world only known to herself.



For years, the Inna Contemporary Art Space has been encountering such creators in the routes, which grants us continuing possibilities for our work. No matter how the surrounding it would be, the young creators are always keeping thinking independently, regulating themselves, contemplating themselves to challenge themselves and make ground breaking. And these are precise and excellent qualities. Representing this kind of creating and thinking in front of our audience is all we want to do. The initial will of our exhibition is the same, too.

Today, the solo exhibition "Chambre de l'Aphasie" of Zheng Wenxin is opening!

We have a beautiful date in spring of 2013.

Many contradictions in the life are generated from the colliding of the inner elements, they are also caused by men ourselves. Series of "Chambre de l'Aphasie" are representing the inside man-made psychedelic harassments. I am always wanting to place and enumerate tools and properties in my paintings, their relationship appears to be familiar yet still somewhat weird and buzzard. In my sub-conscience, I often want to grant some uncertain emotions and feeling into them. Maybe it is so-called "Karmavarana" in Buddha. Unconsciously, people tends to make protection for themselves and get themselves into the safe-zones to not be interrupted. But they forget that the "Karmavarana" outside the safe-zones is originated from their hearts and minds, which is a simple phantom, the real "Kleshas" is their safe-zone itself, a pseudomorph, definitely. The opposite factors of the physical relationship make both parties lack the active recognitions between each other and get them farther and farther distant. The process of my painting is a process of self-curing at the same time. The contradictions I have presented is the shapes and status of the spiritual origin in the never-ending process of self-recognition. ——Wenxin Zheng


Organizer: Inna Contemporary Art Space
Curator: Inna



Wenxin Zheng

Sept 2000 - Sept 2001 MA Kent Institute of Art & Design (UK)
Sept 1993 - Jul 1997 BA Art Department Xiamen University

Working experience
Sept 2003 - Present Teaching in China Academy of Art
Oct 2001 - Apr 2003 Artist in residence at Kent Institute of Art & Design
Aug 1997 - Aug 1999 Teaching in Xiamen University

Exhibition Experience
Mar 2007 "The third eye" Group exhibition, Shen Chang Art Gallery, Hangzhou
Sept 2006 Painting installation, The Yellow Box contemporary art space, Qin Pu, Shanghai
Sept 2005 Oil painting "The new generation"  were selected by the oil painting Exhibition of Zhejiang province
Apr 2003 "HANG UP" exhibit in CROSMOS art gallery, Canterbury, Kent
Mar2003 "Euro Star" Art exhibition ASHFORD international train station. Kent UK
Mar 2003 Installation exhibition at CANDID art gallery, London UK
Nov-Dec 2002 personal work"The wave", SITTINGBOURNE Library, Kent UK
Oct 2002 personal work"The wave", HERNE BAY Library, Kent UK
Aug 2001 Installation work were selected by "the fresh art exhibition 2000" London UK
Jul 2000 Installation work were selected by  British Contemporary Art Festival Arizona, Margate, UK


Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00 (day off on Monday)
Tel: 0571-87023522
Add: No. 465 Hefang street, Hangzhou, China


*Information provided by Inna Contemporary Art Space


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