Breathing - European Union Film Festival 2013

2013-02-24 21:50 - 2013-03-04 21:34

Breathing - European Union Film Festival 2013

When: 24 Feb 2013 Sun 21:50

When: 4 Mar 2013 Mon 20:00
Where: Broadway Cinema

Breathing Still

欧洲电影节 European Union Film Festival 2013

Roman Kogler is an orphan, juvenile murderer and daytime-release prisoner. His last hope of parole is to take the job at the mortuary. Life is a lonely motif between taboos; alienation is reconciled as captured in the imagery of breathing under water. The balance of his purposeless life is broken one day when Roman suspects one of the dead bodies is his mother who abandoned him. He begins his mother-searching journey which only ends in anti-drama.

Breathing Still

The veteran Austrian actor from Oscar-winning "The Counterfeiters" made a detour to directing his first movie. His artful use of sparse dialogue and compelling images of death and barrenness build up to articulate a young man's spiritual catharsis which is not stereotypically dramatic.

Breathing Still

Director: Karl Markovics
Cast: Thomas Schubert
Year: 2011
Duration: 94 min
Countyr: Austri
Language: In German with English subtitles

Breathing Still

Best Actor, 2011 Sarajevo Film Festival
Best German Language Film, Zurich Film Festival 2011
Internal Jury Award, Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2011
Winner of Europa Cinema Label & Official Selection, Directors' Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2011


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