China's first-ever renditionof "The Leftover Monologues!"

2014-07-26 19:30 - 21:30

China's first-ever renditionof "The Leftover Monologues!"

When: Jul 26 2014 Sat 19:30
Where: Meridian Space

The Leftover Monologues


The Leftover Monologues isdirected by Roseann Lake, a Beijing-based journalist and the author of aforthcoming book about love and Chinese leftover women, which will be releasedin the US and in China in 2015.

After spending two years interviewing 100+ Chinese "leftover"women, Lake decided to stage the LeftoverMonologues as a way of passing the microphone back to the voices that hadinspired her book. She wanted to let a live audience experience the candid,visceral and fervently bubbling cauldron of emotions that inevitably surfacedwhenever she spoke of dating, love, sex and marriage with young Chinese women.

All of the monologues in the play are written by the actors whointerpret them. The cast is entirely comprised of women - and a handful of boldmen - from all walks of life, many who have never before set foot on stage in atheatrical capacity. The messages they choose to deliver are their own - and inmany instances, though native Chinese speakers, they have chosen to delivertheir monologues in English so as to have a bit of distance with the text,which might otherwise seem scandalously personal.  

It is Lake's small hope that these monologues will spark dialogs;dialogs that force a hearty reappraisal of how women are assessed in Chinesesociety; dialogs that drive to the core of Chinese women's' battles with dutyand desire, and dialogs that lend new importance to the basic human right tolive authentically, and to love.


- Seating is limited to 70 people.
- Admission is free, but please RSVP so as to ensure a spot!


Tel: 010-51600496
Add: C&C Park, 77 MeishuguanHoujie, Dongcheng District, Beijing


*Information provided by Meridian Space


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